Matt Medeiros needs no introduction! Business owner. My favorite King of Content. Does it better than anyone else I know. Podcast extraordinaire, and the dude that helped me figure out how to get this train wreck on the air.

Episode #003

You can find him at the and @mattmedeiros on Twitter. 

Hey, Matt!


How did it start for you? It’s always great to reminisce. History and an understanding of where things began are as important as gaining closure.

They say those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes.  That’s mostly true. 

I think there’s another angle you can take. I like to think that those who DO remember their past are better prepared to repeat greatness.

A silly play on words. Similar meaning, right? Right. It also changes the tone of the narrative. Cup half full, vs. cup half empty. Yes, we need to learn from our mistakes, but more important than that is that we leverage the things that worked best, and focus our energy in a positive direction. 

Until next time, Get a Grip!