These dudes. They kept it chill. Didn’t choke anyone. Great way to kick this off with Orlando Alonso & Patrick Dooley. Jiu-Jitsu chat, COVID-19 came up, and even some conspiracy theories.

Episode #001

Say what you say but I’m back, baby!

Thanks for listening. I’m Dre and I’m back with the next episode. Get a Grip!

Feels like a lifetime ago I was working through show notes with guests and cutting weekly shows focusing on tech topics. WordPress mostly. A couple of different shows, hundreds of hours of tech babble and drunken nights with an old pal. It was a good time. And still my favorite content creation channel.

Times have changed, man. Well, in some ways, and not in others. I still have 5 kids. Still addicted to Jiu-Jitsu – more so every day really. I did get my MBA. That wasn’t fun. the outcome is cool. I still love building shit for the internet and playing in my Jeep. Confinement of the masses is different. I have been thinking about getting back to broadcasting but the quarantine was the final trigger and also the ultimate schedule clearing event for many of us.

I can’t train, but I can talk. So here we are. Get a Grip w/ Dre Armeda. It’s a simple premise:

It’s conversations. Open topics. About an hour. Can make it as thematic as we want, or not. We’ll mostly just shoot the shit. And that’s literally what’s about to go down. I figured what a better way to kick off the first episode than hanging with two of my best friends in the world.

Yup, kicking off with one of the funniest Cubans I know, Orlando Alonso. Carlson Gracie Blackbelt and owner/professor of Carlson Gracie Menifee. He’s a US Marine and entertainer by way of musical instruments and stand-up comedy.

With us on this train wreck, today is another close friend, Judo Blackbelt (USA Judo Instructor, Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu brown belt. He’s the English major of the group and all-around funny guy. Joining us to spit crazy Irish stories all in proper grammar. Patrick Dooley.


There it is, fine people. It’s in the history books. 

No, not this show, nor the energy I spent as a means to fill a personal time void off the mat. It’s something more grave. Something of real importance. A thing so epic we don’t know how to collectively create appropriate conclusions or how to discern between what’s real and what’s not.

We are in uncharted waters playing a deadly game of tag across humanity.  No land too far or isolated enough to avoid being tagged YOU’RE IT at some point across time. A virus spreading so fast some downplay it. No, not COVID. That’s very real. This is actually the idea virus. A virus that spreads in parallel to the physical pandemic. The idea that all this fighting against corona is overblown and fake news. It’s also constantly mutating and adding new conspiracy theories and variants thereof.

In the end, COVID will subside. We will survive. The US will stand strong. The world will show goodwill, and will survive. The real danger is in our inability to stick to the truth, to be objective, and to use critical thinking. The impacts will be great, and greatest of all, if we don’t become more empathetic and understanding.

It’s time for us all, to get a grip. Stay well.