Although he’s a Twitter Quitter you can ping him anytime @colindowling. I’m here with an aspiring astronaut, part of the WhistlerPress founding team, Colin Dowling!

Episode #008

Oh, snaps. It’s HUMP DAY baby. 

Well, it feels like every other day really. It all blends in. Killer week. I even went and supported our local brewery, The Mason Jar. If you’re ever in Menifee, go get a growler of The Blonde Next Door. You’re welcome.

Here we go….

We’re gonna elevate the game today. Not because my podcasting skills have improved at any measurable rate. More so because I’m chatting it up with One of the most interesting dudes in the world. This guy has no discernible professional skills except the ability to conjure new business out of thin air. He can sell water to well.

I keep talking about good health and I am being a bit of a hypocrite. 

As much as I have done to take care of myself, mostly take care of myself over the last few years, I am not doing great right now. That’s OK. We all don’t do great all the time at all the things.

What’s important is, to be honest with ourselves in understanding we have some shortcomings, and when you’re falling off the horse. I am off the horse right now and it’s time to be honest to me, just like you should be doing if you’re not taking care of yourself.

Today marks my vow to clean up my act. It’s time to get back to the Dre of the last couple of years and stop making excuses.

I’ve said it, not I commit. All it takes is you. 

Until next time, Get a Grip!